It’s Time to Assess Your 2015 Holiday Priorities

What did you enjoy most about last year’s holiday season?  What do you want to spend more time doing?  What can you spend less time on or eliminate all together?

Give yourself a gift right now.

  • Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  • Recall holiday season 2014. What makes you smile?  What makes you grimace?
  • Fast forward to the 2015 holidays. Visualize how you want to spend the weeks ahead?  Write your vision on a piece of paper or card you can post in a place you will look at it every day.
    • Use key words such as family, music, movies, cooking, sports
    • If you are a visual person, make a vision board to post for everyone in the family to contribute and remember this year’s priorities
    • Take a picture of your vision with your phone. When tempted to say yes to something not in your vision, stop, look at the photo and you will remember your priorities

Your Holiday Coach says, “Enjoy the next two months engaged in what bring you JOY.”

vision board


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